Featuring the Original Christmas Stories of Daniel 'Chip' Ciammaichella

October 21, 2004 - 64 days till Christmas !!

Christmas Stories & Everything Christmas!

Welcome to, featuring the original Christmas stories of Daniel 'Chip' Ciammaichella - and now the largest directory of Christmas stories and poetry on the internet, with 493 titles and growing - indexed and searchable by title or author.

What's new for Christmas 2003

Cowboy Christmas Poetry & Stories: I have indexed over 150 wonderful Christmas poems and stories from some of the best cowboy and western authors in the world.

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Christmas Gift Shop: In association with our partners at, you can browse from a huge selection of products including; books, music, dvd/video, toys, games, computers, software, electronics, tools, hardware, kitchen & housewares and more - and do your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home.

Use my Christmas Jukebox to listen to some Christmas music as you browse my site or read a story! You'll find a 'Play Christmas Music' link at the top-right of every page - and you can even leave the pop-up window open and listen to music as you are browsing other sites.

I hope my Christmas stories and other Christmas content on this web site help you to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays. Remember that miracles happen and dreams come true at Christmas - this could be the year that miracle or dream is yours! Merry Christmas! I hope you keep the spirit of Christmas all year 'round!

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