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About the Author

Hi, I'm Daniel Ciammaichella, known to many as just plain 'Chip'. Since you're here, I imagine you want to know a little about me ... and I guess I'm just the guy to tell you!

I was born (on 9/11 of all days) and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and left at 17 to join the Marine Corps, where I spent ten years seeing the world. I came back to Cleveland for a time, but then left again to live in beautiful little Raton, New Mexico, where many of my stories are set. I wrote my first Christmas story there in 1992 and have tried to write a new one every year since...though I have failed miserably since I moved back to Ohio a few years ago.

I started developing web sites in 1995 or so and my stories were included on my personal site at until 1999 when the increasing popularity of my stories, and the traffic they draw each Christmas, forced me to move them here, to their own domain and server.

I am still working in my spare time (what spare time?) to self-publish my book that will contain all of my Christmas stories - and also to convert some of my stories into screenplays. Seeing one of my stories on the big screen would be a dream come true! I've already got a leading lady picked, my very beautiful friend Caryn Shalita. A guy can dream can't he? Besides isn't that what Christmas is all about...miracles happening and dreams coming true?

Merry Christmas!

Chip Ciammaichella

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