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What I've Wanted for Christmas

By Andrew Troy Keller

I think that, when I was a little kid, what I wanted for Christmas was some action-figures, and - maybe, a comic-book, or two. But now, I'm thirty-years-old, and now, what I want for Christmas is to give my Mom a nice home, and no more worries on this very Planet Earth. And, since this is the year 2000, I'm hoping that getting her those things might be simple.

So far, she's been happy with what I've got her for Christmas last year. It was a Scooby-Doo pencil-sharpener, and she'd said, "I like it very much. Thank you, Sweetheart." That's one of the reasons why I've wanted to get her the new house, and unlimited peace-on-Earth. I'd just wanted to say,"I love you, Mom. I love you for just being you, and that, I am glad - No, not glad - Pleased to be your ever-loving, and ever-caring son. I really do love you, Mom, and I hope you will live forever."

That's all I want for Christmas, Dad,what do you think? I've got to go now,Dad, the groundskeeper has told me that visiting hours are over. Maybe, if I have some time, I'll come over, and see you again next year. Rest in peace, Dad.

Excuse me!

My name is Jonathan Kirkridge, and I would like my aero-car-keys please.

Am I okay with my Dad? Oh, yeah, I'm okay. It's just that I've forgot to tell him that what I've really wanted for Christmas is a whole family again.


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