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Christmas Miracle

By Laurie Hamer
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The quaint town of Nimuse was very small, having only about two hundred and fifty residents. It sat in a picture postcard type of area, surrounded by ancient pine trees and lofty mountains. There were only ten streets in the entire town and most of the families who lived there had at least four children. It was a homey place.

The snow started to fall in Nimuse in late October so the town always had a white Christmas. This was good because it was a time-honored tradition to build snow figures on Christmas Eve.

Each family started on their creations at one o'clock on the day before Christmas. Some fantastic figures were created by the more artistic citizens. Snow men, women, children, cats, dogs, and dragons, all dressed and realistically decorated, adorned the yards when they had finished.

When the sculptures were done everyone took a leisurely walk and admired what their neighbors had done.

A beautiful snow family stood in the Olsen's yard. The parents and each of the five children were represented in eerie reality. It was almost as if the Olsens themselves had been frozen and coated with snow.

At midnight, when the town was asleep, the snow creatures came to life. On silent snow feet they moved to a clearing deep inside the trees and had their own Christmas party. It was a festive occasion with everyone dancing and munching on carved icicles.

At four o'clock in the morning the snow figures returned to their homes. The one representing twelve-year old Carolle Olsen found a tiny gray kitten shivering in the driveway. She picked up the freezing baby and wrapped it in her scarf, holding it close. Warmed and comforted, the kitten fell asleep with a contented purr.

On Christmas morning all of the people of Nimuse went out to wish their snow creations a merry Christmas. Sometimes they found unexpected presents held in the cold arms.

Carolle found the sleeping kitten and squealed with joy. She had wanted a kitten for so long. The baby, who was aptly christened Miracle, became a cherished member of the family that day.

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